Are you looking for a superbly intense fat burning supplement? If yes, then JetFuel SUPERBURN should definitely be included on your shortlist.

Fat burners or thermogenics are still the bestselling dietary supplements in the market today. Even though most of these products have slight side effects due to its high stimulant content, fat burners are still the top selling brands in the weight loss market.

So what does Jetfuel SUPERBURN offer you? Are its characteristics differ from the rest of the competition? Is it side effects-free pill?

Read on and learn how Jetfuel SUPERBURN works.

What is JetFuel SUPERBURN?

JetFuel SUPERBURN is owned and distributed by German American Technologies or simply known as GAT. This brand is GAT’s most advanced fat burning supplement to date, and one of its bestselling dietary pills.

As the name suggest, JetFuel SUPERBURN is a maximum-strength fat burner that is derived from its own Micron RD technology, a state-of-the-art rapid delivery thermogenic system.

GAT claims that this diet pill is designed by experts to catalyze the achievement of virtually any advanced dieting, physique or performance goal, where all average level energy boosters and fat burning thermogenesis can’t give.

Some of the weight loss benefit claims of JetFuel SUPERBURN includes:

  • Superb calorie and fat burning properties
  • Increases your energy and intensity levels
  • Boosts your metabolism, mood and mental focus
  • Enhances your physical performance
  • Optimizes your body’s absorption

JetFuel SUPERBURN actually utilizes its 4-part thermogenic system that are based on clinically proven and known slimming agents.

JetFuel SUPERBURN Ingredients

The proprietary formula of JetFuel SUPERBURN is divided by its 4-part thermogenic formula. Each pill provides a total of 1064mg per serving (3 capsules).

For its calorie-burning and intensity ingredients, JetFuel SUPERBURN provides 1,3,7-Trimethyl-1H-Purine-2-dione (caffeine), olive leaf extract, acacia rigidula extract, capsicum extract, rauwolfia canescens extract and evodia rutaecarpa extract.

For fat burning, this pill provides camellia sinensis nigra extract, veridis extract, tetradecylthioacetic acid and camelia sinensis albus extract.

For JetFuel SUPERBURN alertness formula, it includes withania somnifera, melissa officianalis extract and 2-amino-4-butyric acid.

Lastly, for optimized absorption formula, JetFuel SUPERBURN provides medium-chain triacylglycerols, w-3 fatty acids and piper nigrum extract.

Its inactive ingredients include Dicalcium phosphate, vegetable stearate, silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide.

JetFuel Ingredients

How does JetFuel SUPERBURN Work?

As you can see from its ingredient profile, JetFuel SUPERBURN is packed with superb fat burning and energy-enhancing compounds, which is derived from GAT’s Micron RD technology.

Micron RD is a micronized rapid delivery technology that uses high “jet-like” air pressures to gently reduce the average particle size of the JetFuel SUPERBURN formula to less than 20 microns.

This micronization process enhances the total reactive surface area, which trigger faster speeds of delivery and onset results. Micronization also allows each capsule to hold over 300mg or more actives, including compounds capable of stimulating thermogenesis of up to 12% while delivering 60,000 heat units.

Each capsules of JetFuel SUPERBURN has been infused with MCT’s and Explotab, both a pharmacologically studied “superdisintegrant”.

Its formula reveals that it has enough dose of fat burning compounds that will help trigger thermogenic effects inside your body. Camelia sinensis leaf extracts, caffeine, capsicum, rauwolfia, tetradecylthioacetic acid are all known fat burners. An example study reference about tetradecylthioacetic acid can be read here.

For JetFuel SUPERBURN’s alertness formula, it contains withania somnifera or more known as ashwaghanda extract, which is clinically proven to provide therapeutic effects. Aside from ashwaghanda, JetFuel SUPERBURN also provides melissa officianalis extract and 2-amino-4-butyric acid to further enhance your alertness.

Lastly, JetFuel SUPERBURN’s absorption formula provides piper nigrum extract or commonly known as BioPerine. This extract is clinically proven to provide anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Is JetFuel SUPERBURN Safe?

If you based your research about JetFuel SUPERBURN’s safety issues looking at several review and supplement retail sites, you won’t find any negative comments about this diet pill. There are no known side effects and there are no reported complaints against GAT online.

However, JetFuel SUPERBURN is a fat burner and this type of supplements are definitely not for everyone due to its high stimulant content. GAT itself gave a consumer warning about JetFuel SUPERBURN’s possible negative effects.

If you are allergic to caffeine, under medication, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, below 18 years old or suffering from any kind of health condition, then JetFuel SUPERBURN is not ideal for you. This diet pill brand is only intended for healthy individuals with solid experiences with fat burning supplements.

GAT recommends that you consult your physician first before you use JetFuel SUPERBURN.

JetFuel SUPERBURN Reviews

I usually use the regular jetfuel, saw that this is the new product line, and decided to give it a try. I am very pleased with the results, 5lbs of weight loss in the first two weeks Ive been taking it. Im still waiting to see how my body will adapt, and may try cycling this fatburner with my reg jetfuel or maybe even the pyro. I def recommend.

Great product and love the “kick” these things provide. They didn’t burn any extra weight off of me but did give me energy to get through my long days at work…

I usually use the regular jetfuel, saw that this is the new product line, and decided to give it a try. I am very pleased with the results, 5lbs of weight loss in the first two weeks Ive been taking it. Im still waiting to see how my body will adapt, and may try cycling this fatburner with my reg jetfuel or maybe even the pyro. I def recommend.

I got a sample of this product when I went to the fitness expo. I really like it a lot but I may need to try something stronger soon because my body is getting use to it. Ive recommended this to a few of my friends and they are hooked.

Recommended Use

As mentioned above, take JetFuel SUPERBURN with precaution.

Start with 1 capsule with 8oz of cold water, 30 minutes before breakfast in day 1. Repeat 30 minutes before lunch.

For day 2 and beyond, GAT recommends that you assess your tolerance. Take 2 to 3 capsules with 8oz of cold water, 30 minutes before breakfast. Repeat 30 minutes before lunch.

Don’t take JetFuel SUPERBURN within 6 hours of bedtime and do not take 6 capsules daily, or 3 capsules in a single setting.

JetFuel SUPERBURN Review Summary

JetFuel SUPERBURN offers a superb formula that is based on its Micron RD technology. There are other dietary supplements that offers micron technology but no other diet pills can do better than the Micron RD technology of JetFuel.

While JetFuel SUPERBURN can be your best fat burning partner but as most thermogenics out in the market today, this brand is not ideal for everyone due to its possible side effects.

I rate this brand as “APPROVED” due to the following reasons:


  • Superb fat and calorie burning properties
  • Enhances mood, alertness and mental focus
  • Increases your energy and metabolic levels
  • Provides other health benefits
  • No known side effects
  • Money back guarantee (depending on the retailer)


  • Quite pricey
  • Side effects are possible due to stimulants

Where to Purchase JetFuel SUPERBURN?

JetFuel SUPERBURN is available at various health supplement stores near you. Or you can purchase it online at any of your favorite supplement retailing sites.

I suggest that you purchase at Vitamin Shoppe rather than purchasing directly from the official website of GAT because it offer a cheaper price.

To purchase JetFuel SUPERBURN, please visit its official sales page at eVitamins below.

Purchase JetFuel SUPERBURN here


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