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Each user of this site is entitled to its privacy. We ensure that each of you will have accurate ideas about personal information we collect/receive during your visit at This policy will also inform you on how we keep this data for your own security and protection. This sharing of data is a natural thing in the Internet world and we intend to be as transparent as possible in respect for your privacy.

We are doing our best to maintain a good relationship standing to you, giving all your fitness requirements as much as possible. To protect you from your surfing privacy, please read the following information.

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When you use the Internet for any purposes and from any devices (tablet, pc, mobile phones), your browser (IE, Firfox, Chrome, etc) will produce cookies where it will be stored on your computer’s database/hardisk. These cookies are not harmful to your system and are practically normal and safe. It neither contain any personal information about you (name, date of birth, account numbers, etc) nor any details about your computer hardware. There are no ways that these cookies will be used against you.

What this cookies does is to help us track which part of our site works best for most users. It helps use to modify some of the features of the site, which are all according to our user’s preferences.

In contrast, you can prevent the use of cookies through disabling it on your web browsers. This of course, won’t affect the way you surf the Internet and will not affect our site in any way.

We can add more cookies on your browser to be able to identify you as a unique user each time you visit our site. This helps you to see different content in a sequential process, which can improve your surfing experience within our website. The adverts we use are previously discussed above under “Affiliate Disclosure”, where these cookies are being collected by our advertising networks for tracking.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

This website is designed for adults and we don’t intend to use any contents of this website to influence the minds of children in any way under the age of 13. We operate this site in accordance to Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. We will not store, collect or use any personal information from people under the age of 13 years.


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