Are you looking for a testosterone booster that can also help yo lose weight? If yes, then Troxyphen by TruDerma could be the supplement that you are looking for.

There are a lot of supplements in the market that can help men build enough testosterone levels to help support their muscle mass development and at the same time, get rid of those fatty deposits.

Troxyphen is one of those supplements that offers dual health benefits for you. Read this review and learn if this supplement is ideal for your fitness and weight loss program.

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What is Troxyphen?

Troxyphen was first released in 2012 by TruDerma so it is relatively a new supplement. It is designed to increase your energy, testosterone levels, while improving your fat and overall weight loss

This product is designed specifically for men, which is formulated to address the primary cause of weight gain in men. If you are not yet aware, low testosterone level is one of the cause of weight gain where it cause less muscle mass and more fat is getting stored.

With this fat burner, you can focus more on your weight loss program because it will help you build more muscles while burning those stubborn fatty areas such as in your belly. Troxyphen’s thermogenic properties will help increase your body temperature that will help you lose more weight.

How does Troxyphen Work?

TroxyphenSince Troxyphen is a dual-action supplement, TruDerma formulated two groups of ingredients that will help Troxyphen as an effective product.

For testosterone increase, ingredients include testofen, l-arginine, tribulus terrestris, potency wood extract, saw palmetto, muira puama leaf extract and DHEA.

For weight loss or thermogenic blend, Troxyphen contains caffeine, synephrine caprylate (bitter orange extract) and yohimbe HCL.

How does these ingredients work? For testosterone propeties, all ingredients sums up to a total of 500 mg per dose.

Testofen is primarily used for is testosterone increase benefits and is a clinically proven compound. L-arginine meanwhile is a known compound that helps increase your body’s production of creatine. Creatine’s main function is to provide energy for your muscles.

Tribulus terrestris is another testosterone increasing compounds that uses luteinizing hormones as its triggering factor. Potency wood and muira puama leaf extracts are known as an aphrodisiac herb while saw palmetto protects your prostate and helps improve sexual health.

DHEA is a crucial compounds that will lead to testosterone increase. All these ingredients are said to help increase Troxyphen’s potency with regards to testosterone level improvement.

How about Troxyphen’s thermogenic properties? The weight loss blend of this supplement is a total of 223 mg per dose.

First off, Troxyphen contains big amounts of caffeine to help stimulate your body that will produce more energy and enhanced metabolic rate. Synephrine caprylate or bitter orange is another stimulant and known appetite suppressant.

Lastly, yohimbe HCL functions as fat eliminator and help blocks alpha 2 receptors.

Troxyphen Health Issues

Even though this supplement is still considerably new to the diet pill world, there are some reviews that proves that it can produce adverse health effects.

Although there are no official complaints published online, we found some side effect reviews online.

There are positive reviews as well but overall, there are limited reviews for Troxyphen online.

Troxyphen Review Summary

Troxyphen is a very attractive supplement that promises to help boost your testosterone level while increasing your chances of weight loss.

With its stimulant content, this supplement can truly give some measures of weight loss for you especially with regards to fat burning.

Here are the reasons why you need this supplement:

  • Natural formula
  • Can help you lose weight
  • Supports mental and physical performance increase
  • Some good reviews online

Where to Buy Troxyphen?

Troxyphen is widely available at various online health retailers such as GNC, eVitamins or you can purchase directly at TruDerma’s official website.

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