The Internet is the home of all the things in the planet and it can practically supply us with everything we need. From office and school information, to business and other earning opportunities, the cyberworld  has it all. But when speaking about earning opportunities, there goes thousands even millions of scams or hoax programs. Opportunists are of course present online.

Perfect deceptions or scamming have become a living for some people in the Internet because it is easy money. With lucrative marketing claims and fake testimonials, you will easily get caught without noticing that they are fake. With the weight loss industry, you can bet that there are thousands of products that aren’t truth on their claims. What is worse is that, it can ruin your finances and your health.

One of our commitment to you is not just giving valuable reviews for these weight loss pills, but of course to give you ideas on how to avoid getting scammed. Don’t be a victim and instead be a wise buyer! To get started, follow our simple guidelines below.

Learn how to Identify Scams from Legit

From our years of experience in the marketing industry primarily focusing on the weight loss market, we have identified some credible signs that leads to scam products, programs and services. If you like to avoid getting scammed, you need to know the most common factors of scam diet pill programs. Below are the details of what you might usually see on most hoax dieting pills.

  • No contact information (important factor)
  • Unverified testimonials (fake success stories)
  • Fake review websites
  • Offers free trials
  • Don’t have money-back guarantee (though some legit products have this property)
  • Tons of press releases with common contents
  • Offering a miracle slimming opportunity (quick weight loss)

No Contact Information

This is the most common sign that a certain website is a fake or offering regulated goods that are highly ineffective and harmful. Actually, having no contact information or any ways to contact the website owner is a sign of scam for all types of niche and not just in the weight loss industry.

If a certain review site has no contact me page, then you are on a disadvantage side if you do any actions within that website (purchase or referrals). You can’t make any inquiries or complain if there are no contact details. Plus, the domainwhois of these types of websites also don’t have any contact details, pretty clever right!

So if you are a wise online shopper, choose only those credible websites that have contact pages. It is for your own advantage and protection.

Unverified Testimonials

Testimonials can be easily put up or invented. The fact is, it is hard to identify which testimonials are true and which ones are not. You can do the following analysis to pinpoint which product is fake or not through invented testimonials.

  • Check the photos if its from stock photos sites.
  • Research the name of the individual’s success story.
  • Check if the videos are just copied on video sharing sites.

These are some pointers that you need to look at when identifying scam testimonials. If the stock photos are used, it is fake. If a certain website uses similar photos from the web but uses different names or info, that is fake. Same goes to video testimonies.

Testimonials scheme are rampant tools online. You should be wary of what can deceive you and what can truly help you on your weight loss endeavors.

Fake Review Websites

FTC is working hard to chase down those fake review sites. By now, you are probably aware that making review sites are just usual to be able to make money online. Fake review ratings are common from these review sites, and most of them are made out of blogs.

What you need to do is to examine if the review sites are transparent to you, meaning that it actually shows you that the reviews are from the editors of the website or from various consumers of the products they promote. That is the usual system of review websites. However, review websites are being created consistently by diet pill manufacturers to primarily drive traffic to their sales page. This means that these review sites are manipulated to entice you to purchase their products.

One more aspect that you can consider if a particular site is fake is their content. Look if the site is reviewing all ranges of products with regards to diet pills. If the certain site is just concentrating on single manufacturer or pharma company, then it will certainly ring a bell. One primary reason why it is called a “review site” is because it gives a wider range of products for the consumers and avoiding an isolation for a certain product. Following a single or two products must be avoided.

Offers Free Trials

Free trial is another successful methods for scam people. Offering free trials are just plain attractive to every customers especially if you don’t know what to buy. Free trials are commonly perceived as a sign of legitimacy of a certain product, but beware that not all free trials are legit.

One example is that, most free trials still asks for your financial details such as credit cards or Paypal accounts. Of course you will be confused because the landing page or the advertising link you clicked said that it was a “free trial”, but still asks for your credit card information. Why is that?

Here goes the scam. The company will then explain to you that the shipping and handling costs are not free, thus you are required to pay a significant amount of bills. Unknown to you, these extra fees already covers the amount of the pill you are purchasing. What is worst is that, some scammers make this process a monthly billing cycle, which can truly be a big burden for you.

How to avoid these types of scam? Well, you need to deal with trusted and well-established pharma company in order to avoid scam payments through free trials. These companies are transparent on their billing forms and won’t charge you anything unless you are notified. Pharma companies that published their office address, has a live chat support, telephone and email contacts are most likely the best companies to work with.

Don’t have Money-Back Guarantee

A money-back guarantee is a feature that most legit companies offer. However, there is some legit companies that doesn’t offer money-back guarantees for various reasons. One thing for sure, if other factors listed here are present together with no money-back guarantee, then this will surely be a sign of scam diet pill business.

Tons of Press Releases with Common Content

Press release websites are crucial for any online businesses. However, it is also being abused by online opportunists. Either you look at press release sites or news websites, you only have to worry about one thing to catch if this product is a scam – content!

Content is obviously the most important thing in cyberspace. Fortunately for shoppers like you, you can use the content itself in identifying scams from legit products. How? Scammer usually sets up several clone or mirror sites. These sites often have similar templates and web design, but most of all, perfectly set up contexts. You can find clone sites by simply searching with similar keywords in Google. Then, whaaam! You will see mirror sites.

Offering a Miracle Weight Loss Opportunity

You probably read some of the most used tagline with regards to slimming pills like:

  • No diets required!
  • Get Slim in 3 Days
  • Block fat, calories and carbs without dieting
  • Lose 10 pounds in ten days!
  • Weight loss without exercise or diet!

And so on and so forth. Remember that these claims aren’t true and if you see them in a particular review site, then don’t get caught and avoid it. You need to look for claims that are truthful and doesn’t offer impossible claims.

Why You Should be Against Diet Pill Scams

We at, is encouraging you to be a wise buyer especially if you are looking for diet pills. We don’t push products to anyone just to force them to purchase. We abide in all possible aspects of legit online business, particularly in the affiliate marketing industry. Buying products from our site is solely your decision.

Hopefully, this short article helped you identify diet pill scams online. By exposing these fraud companies doings, you are now knowledgeable of their ways and prevent any wrong decisions with regards to choosing the best diet pill for your weight loss program. Rest assured that we will continue to give you the best reviews as much as possible to help improve your health through diet pills.


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