PhenterMaxx is an expensive diet pill that similarly carries the word “phentermine” on its brand name.

There is nothing wrong with using “phen”, just don’t be mistaken that this diet pill is a dietary supplement, not a pharmaceutical drug.

So the question is, can this brand deliver similar results just like any regular generic phentermine drugs?

I spotted some reasons why PhenterMaxx is one of the most reliable phen-alternative diet pills online. Read on to find out more.

What is PhenterMaxx?

PhenterMaxx is a product of Ultimate Weight Loss Labs LLC. The company has a well-designed website that features a lot of information about phentermine and its corresponding pharmaceutical brands.

According to its official website, this diet supplement contains a proprietary mixture of ingredients (we will get to that later) that are formulated to help you achieve your goals.

Some of its health claims include:

  • Burn fat where needed
  • Control your appetite
  • Boosts energy and metabolic levels
  • Enhances your moody and focus
  • Improves your blood flow
  • Helps turn your fat into muscles

Like other successful “phen” supplements online such as Phen375, Phen24 or Adiphene, PhenterMaxx promotes key areas of weight loss. But the question is, can this really work?

But before we go to that matter, one key factor struck me the most is its price tag, which is $59.99 per bottle.

This might seem expensive at first site. But if you search other phen brands online, you will learn that these diet pills are also priced at this range. So there should be no surprise at all.

On the other hand, Ultimate Weight Loss Labs LLC offers refund for any unused bottles, that helps you to buy with confidence.

PhenterMaxx Ingredients

PhenterMaxx features some of the most popular slimming herbs in the market today.

The dosing of PhenterMaxx is at 300mg per serving, which is neither too potent, nor too weak.

Its proprietary blend is composed of synephrine, theobromine, yohimbe bark, caffeine, and phenylethylamine.

The inactive ingredients are cellulose, magnesium stearate, sodium starch gluconate, silica, blue spheres and film coating.

phentermaxx ingredients

So How does PhenterMaxx Work?

According to the official website of this product, it works by utilizing its five active ingredients.

They claim that most diet pills depends highly on phenylethylamine. Though effective, having only this agent without any supporting ingredients is likely ineffective as it is absorbed before it reaches the brain.

As you know, phenylethylamine works by telling your brain that you are still full which makes you to less crave for food. But if it doesn’t reach your brain, it certainly won’t work.

Ultimate Weight Loss Labs claim that yohimbe works well with phenylethylamine as it enables the latter to achieve its full maximum effect.

Add some theobromine and you will get an ephedra-like energy boost without the risk of any side effects.

Like most dietary supplements, PhenterMaxx also works by increasing your metabolism and reducing your appetite. But the question is, can this brand truly work as advertised?

What the Experts Say?

I first look into this pill’s caffeine content as we know exactly how much quantity it contains for each servings.

According to a study article by, caffeine is used for fat burning supplementation by either obese or overweight individuals.

If you look at PhenterMaxx’s caffeine content, it only offers 300mg per day (assuming that you can take 2 servings per day). This gives you the right amounts to get your body stimulated.

When you say stimulated, it will kick start your metabolism and energy levels which will put your body into fat burning processes.

As you know, our bodies can build tolerance to caffeine if we take too much amounts per day, making it ineffective for long period of use.

So a 300mg dosage is just perfect to keep your weight loss going without any tolerance effect.

On the other hand, the other main ingredient phenethylamine is known as a powerful stimulant that triggers the body to produce certain chemicals.

These chemicals are associated in the treatment of depression and other mental disorders. But, this drug is mostly used for weight loss (appetite suppressant) and energy enhancing purposes.

While phenylethylamine can be a powerful appetite suppressing agent. Some people reportedly suffered from side effects taking this substance. But if you are not highly allergic to stimulants, then there is less to worry about.

Read our article with regards to this ingredient here.

Yohimbe is another ingredient that is famous for its adverse health effects. It works by improving your blood flow, which is the reason why yohimbe is mostly used as anti-erectile dysfunction remedy.

For weight loss, yohimbe is a promising herbal agent though there mix results with regards to weight loss.

Lastly, theobromine is a plant that is more known as bitter chocolate. This compound has many chemicals such as antioxidants, that can help repel disease-causing free radicals.

Theobromine also appears to help prevent stretch marks, relaxes veins, treat wrinkles and many others.

Since theobromine can kick start your energy levels, some weight loss supplement manufacturers used it as a performance-enhancing agent.

So Can PhenterMaxx Deliver Results?

Since this brand contain some ingredients that are known weight loss agents, it is safe to say that PhenterMaxx may have the right blend to aid your weight loss program.

However, you may need to continuously stick to this supplement if you want to maintain your lost weight.

Plus, the official website of this product recommend that you follow a sensible diet and regular exercise while you are taking this pill. This will further assist you on your weight loss program.

phentermaxx cpa

Is it Safe?

I found no reports of any side effects online for this brand! So I guess that it is safe to say that PhenterMaxx is likely safe for dieters who are not allergic to stimulants.

Since it has stimulants, you are still encouraged to consult your doctor first before you purchase PhenterMaxx.

PhenterMaxx Review Summary

Unlike other doubtful “phen” brands such as phenXtreme, PhenPhast, Phen-ES, P-375 or Phenoral, PhenterMaxx can trigger weight loss for you.

Here are the reasons why this supplement is for you:

  • Informative website
  • The formula is well-blended (not too potent)
  • Weight loss is likely
  • No reports of side effects online
  • Refund fulfilled by Amazon

Where to Purchase PhenterMaxx?

As mentioned above, PhenterMaxx can only be purchased either directly from its official website.

Perly Rodolfo

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