Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker

Carb blocking supplement formula.

Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker is a dietary supplement that will help you to avoid your favorite carb-rich foods that are mostly the cause of your weight gain.

Dieting is not an easy task and most people tends to crash right before finishing a very restrictive fad diet. The reason is their inability to reduce their food cravings and lack of discipline.

If you can’t avoid eating your favorite meals, then you need a powerful carb blocker that will help prevent the absorption of big amounts of carbohydrates you digest from your every day meals.

Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker is designed to do just that. Read on and learn how this diet pill works and if it can truly help you lose weight naturally.

What is Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker?

Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker is from the world famous dietary supplement company Evolution Slimming, maker of one of the best fat burners in the market – Hiprolean X-S Fat Burner.

This diet pill is designed to compliment your low carb diet or to support your dieting regime without restricting yourself from the carbohydrates-rich foods you love.

Taking Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker can help reduce your total calorie levels that will constitutes to natural and fast weight loss. Some of the claimed benefits of this pill includes the following:

  • Help reduce calories from carbohydrates
  • Enhances energy levels and provides mental focus
  • Boosts physical performance and metabolic levels
  • Supports appetite suppression and fat burning

Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker Ingredients

Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker offers a simple and 100% natural ingredients that are well blended to help produce positive slimming effects. It proprietary blend only amounts to 455mg per serving with chromium picolinate bringing in 25mcg per serving.

Its proprietary blend includes white kidney bean extract,  guarana extract, vitamin C and chromium picolinate. Its inactive ingredients includes silicon dioxide, capsule shell and a flow agent called maltodextrin.

Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker has no salt, starch, wheat, maize, gluten, lactose, yeast, dairy products, artificial preservatives, dyes or colors.

evolution slimming carb blocker with vitamin c

How does Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker Work?

Evolution Slimming claims that this diet pill works by triggering amylase enzyme inhibition inside the stomach after food consumption. This is done through the potent carb blocking properties of white kidney bean extract, one of Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker’s main ingredients.

According to an ongoing investigation of this extract that is being published in Examine.com, white kidney bean is a proven carbohydrate blocker that works similarly like chlorogenic acid. Also known as Phase 2, this herb inhibits the digestion of starches which are left undigested in the gut or the amount of digested is highly reduced.

The starches are then excreted and their calories are not absorbed. The articles said that white kidney bean extract was able to reduce body weight and body fat levels to simple caloric restriction. It also effectively reduced triglycerides and blood glucose levels over time.

This led experts to conclude that white kidney bean can also protect you against colon cancer development.

What About Other Ingredients in Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker?

Carb Blocker’s other ingredients such as Guarana extract, works mainly by stimulating your central nervous system. As a stimulant (caffeine), guarana is a proven medicinal slimming extract that can support mental alertness, appetite suppression, fat burning, focus, boost in physical performance and metabolism increase.

This article also shows that guarana extract can help treat low blood pressure and chronic fatigue syndrome, while others use it for sexual drive enhancement.

What about vitamin C? Evolution Slimming Carb blocker included 125mg of vitamin C per serving, to mainly support its  carb-blocking agents.

The National Institutes of Health indicates that vitamin C is inversely related to body mass. People who are taking high vitamin C dosages have lower body-mass indexes.

How? Vitamin C oxidizes 30% more fat during moderate exercise against those who have low vitamin C levels. This means that people with depleted vitamin C may be more resistant to fat mass loss compared to people with adequate vitamin C.

So combining regular exercise with Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker can further help you lose body fat more effectively and naturally through its vitamin C content.

Lastly, chromium is a metal that is called an “essential trace element”. Chromium is mainly used as a blood sugar level reduction support and is widely used as a weight loss agent.

Some studies have shown that chromium can help increase weight loss, body fat loss and lean body mass, only if you combine regular exercise program. Chromium can also help lower blood cholesterol levels and prevent the development of diabetes.

Is Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker Safe?

If I based my judgement on Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker’s proprietary blend, you can tell that this diet pill is generally safe for most adult dieters.

All of its ingredients are well-dosed that will help provide weight loss effects without higher risks of side effects. Guarana extract may trigger jittery side effects, but only if you are highly allergic to caffeine.

Some reviews for this brand shows that it doesn’t have any known side effects. But although natural and safe, you still have to consult your doctor first before you take this carb-blocking diet pill.

Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker Reviews

There are a few reviews for this brand on its official website. Some of these testimonials are:

I use a low carb diet to keep my weight under control. I used to follow a low fat diet but it actually caused me to gain weight! Low carb is the way forward and this product prevents me from feeling guilty if I have a slice of toast etc.

Although i have cut down on my carb intake, i can still enjoy some and not have the feeling of being so full as before. My weight lose is showing and i am looking forward to my holiday pics now instead of dreading them. No doubt i will be taking these with me on holiday and continue them when i return to get to the weight i want to be.

I have lost 6lbs in 3 weeks using this product

I have given my supplement 3 stars, that is 1 for every week I have been taking them for and have lost weight. I have tried before and failed each time. now I’m on the right track and its working, next week im sure will be 4 stars and a full house when I reorder

Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker Review Summary

I really don’t recommend stand alone carb blockers as these types of diet pills aren’t as effective compared to products that offers a lot more benefits than just carb blocking.

However, Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker has ingredients that can help provide more weight loss benefits such as appetite suppression, mental focus, fat burning and energy boost. Plus, Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker can help prevent you from developing diabetes and can help reduce your cholesterol.

Combining a regular exercise and a sensible diet with your Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker supplementation, can further help you lose weight fast.

Side effects are possible due to its guarana extract content. But side effects are highly unlikely as its stimulant dosage is not that significant. Consult your doctor first before you take this brand.

Here are the reasons why this supplement is for you:


  • 100% natural formula
  • Potent carb blocking properties
  • Supports other weight loss benefits
  • Provides health benefits
  • No known side effects
  • FREE Diet Plan (download)
  • Money back guarantee


  • Limited reviews

Where to Purchase Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker?

Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker is neither available at any local weight loss stores near you, nor in any online health supplement retailers. This diet pill can only be purchase directly at Evolution Slimming’s official website.

To purchase Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker, please visit its official sales page below.

Purchase Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker here


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