Need to increase your workout output? If yes, you need a testosterone boosting supplement called AlphaViril.

Most men are having trouble with their physical performance, yet alone their ability in bed is also diminishing due to aging or other factors such as stress and unhealthy lifestyle.

AlphaViril is formulated to help improve your overall manhood while providing support to your bodybuilding program by increasing your testosterone levels.

Read on and learn how this supplement can help improve both your sexual and physical performance.

What is AlphaViril?

AlphaViril is a product of HFL Solutions, the same company that produced CheatMeals and Lean Optimizer, two of its bestselling brands online.

According to the official website of this company, this brand is your all-in-one solution to your manhood. They claim that its ingredients are designed to give fast results without side effects.

Here are the health benefit claims:

  • Safely increase your total and free testosterone levels
  • Lowers estrogen and cortisol levels
  • Elevates your nitric oxide levels
  • Reduces your dihydrotestosterone levels (DHT)
  • Helps reduce prolactin levels

So based on the said claims, AlphaViril can help boost your sexual drive, libido, improves prostate health, muscle growth by increased blood flow and can also be beneficial for hair loss (reduces baldness).

This makes the product a very enticing formula for men who wants to improve their performance in bed or if they want to enhance their abilities in the gym.

And unlike conventional testosterone boosters such as Testosyn, TestRX or Anadroxin, AlphaViril is less expensive with $49.97 price tag per bottle.

Plus, HFL Solutions offers money back guarantee. That is a great offer that you seldom see online.

AlphaViril Ingredients

This supplement offers a proprietary blend with a 726.4mg per serving dosage.

Ingredients include fenugreek, white button mushroom, oat straw, arginine, mucuna pruriens, maca root, longjack root, icarrin, ashwagandha, diindolymethane and tribulus terrestris.

AlphaViril also has yohimbe bark, ginger, 3,4-divanillytetrahydrofuran, xanthopamelia scabrosa, vitex agnus castus, DHEA, vitamin D3, zinc, selenium, copper and thyronine.

Other ingredients include magnesium stearate, gelatin and rice flour.

alphaviril ing

AlphaViril Features

As you can see from the list above, most these are common ingredients in testosterone boosting supplements. But AlphaViril offers more in its formula which increases its potency.

Lets see some of its key ingredients and see if this supplement can truly deliver results for you.

How does AlphaViril Work?

Tongkat ali is one of the most widely used virility and libido enhancing agent in the market.

In fact, this herb is used as an aphrodisiac in Asia claiming that it can help improve strength and power during sexual activity.

Tongkat ali also supports male hormonal balance including testosterone, elevates performance and provides antioxidants – WebMD.

Fenugreek is another common supplement among dieters and bodybuilders. Experts suggest that this herb can help slow down sugar absorption in the stomach and stimulate insulin production.

So it is highly beneficial for diabetics though it has pretty impressive weight loss properties as well. Our article about fenugreek will give you more insights on its possible benefits here.

Tribulus terrestris on the other hand, is a known testosterone boosting agent. Fact is, HFL Solutions is one of only a handful supplement companies that offer tribulus terrestris herb that is sourced from Bulgaria.

Yes, experts says that Bulgarian tribulus is the most potent when it comes to testosterone-enhancing abilities –

Next key ingredient is horny goat weed, known for its energy and metabolism enhancing properties. But this herb is also proven to help improve sex drive and helps reduce cortisol levels.

Learn more about horny goat weed on our article here.

Another potent agent in AlphaViril is DHEA, a naturally-occuring steroid produced in the adrenal glands. It is used for cancer, depression, diabetes, psoriasis, sexual dysfunction, weight loss and many others.

Though DHEA is an effective supplement, there are reports that it can also trigger side effects especially if taken incorrectly.

Since AlphaViril has less amounts of DHEA, it is unlikely for you to experience any side effects but rather only its positive effects.

Maca root and stinging nettle are both potent slimming agents that are proven to help improve sexual performance for both men and women.

All other ingredients in AlphaViril are known beneficial for both sexual and physical performance.

So you are guaranteed to experience significant improvement on your manhood and workout abilities with AlphaViril.

alphaviril supplement

Is AlphaViril Safe?

This supplement is likely safe to most dieters and lifters as it is packed with 100% natural ingredients. Plus, we found no reports of any side effects online for this brand.

Though it has ingredients that may cause some adverse reactions such as DHEA and yohimbe, these two agents have low amounts in AlphaViril’s formula. So less worries for this issue.

To make sure that you’ll get safe supplementation, consult your doctor first before you take AlphaViril.


According to its label, you can take 4 pills daily first thing in the morning, always on an empty stomach with one glass of water.

To further boost your sexual performance hardness and desire, you can take additional 2 pills, 3 to 4 hours before sexual or workout activity.

You are required to cycle this product and take 2 days off, every week or a total of 7 days off every month.

AlphaViril Review Summary

AlphaViril is a superb formula that is packed with known agents designed to boost both sexual and physical performance.

It will not just support your bodybuilding regimen, but it is also ideal for your weight loss program.

Here are the reasons why you need this supplement:

  • 100% natural formula
  • Good reviews online
  • Can help boost your sex drive, libido and performance
  • Supports your overall workout program
  • Can help you lose weight
  • No reports of any side effects
  • Supports other health benefits
  • Moderately priced
  • Money back guarantee

Where to Purchase AlphaViril?

This dietary supplement can only be purchased online directly from its official website.

To purchase your AlphaViril right now, please visit its official sales page below.

Purchase AlphaViril here


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