5:2 Fast Formula

5:2 Fast Formula is a new dietary product that is based on the popular 5:2 dieting program. If you love dieting and you are also taking supplements at the same time, then this product review is ideal for you.

Weight issues are commonly treated through exercise and well-balanced diet, however, it is easier said than done! Overcoming weight gain is not a simple task and most people would probably agree with me.

To overcome weight gain, you need motivation and consistency on whatever weight loss program you plan to do. Plus, you need the right tools to support your endeavor. This is where 5:2 Fast Formula comes in.

Read our review below and learn how this dietary pill can help support your dieting that will produce significant amounts of weight loss.

This brand is no longer available in the market. You may want to check out other diet pills in our archive or see our top rated brand featured below this post.

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What is 5:2 Fast Formula?

As aforementioned earlier, this diet pill is based on 5:2 diet, which is based on a principle of intermittent dieting made famous by British journalist Dr. Michael Mosley.

The principles means that you can eat normally within 5 days of every week. But the remaining 2 days of the week will be much restrictive which limits your calorie intake to not over 500. Thus the term “5:2” diet arises.

The 5:2 Fast Formula meanwhile is basically an appetite suppressant supplement, which aims to suppress or curb your appetite so that you can feel fuller longer.

For most dieters, appetite suppression is the most ideal feature that they look for in dietary pills. So if you are on a 5:2 diet, the 5:2 Fast Formula diet pill is the most ideal weight loss brand for you.

Some of the claims of this product includes the following:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Boost energy levels
  • Fat burning properties
  • Replenish lost nutrients during fasting / 5:2 diet

Other benefits includes:

5:2 Fast Formula benefits

5:2 Fast Formula Ingredients

The 5:2 Fast Formula contains all natural ingredients that can help you lose weight fast. Plus, these ingredients are designed to help replenish all lost nutrients and minerals during your dieting program.

The main ingredient for this product is konjac extract (glucomannan). Several studies suggest that konjac helps slow the absorption of sugar and cholesterol from the digestive tract, which enables you to control your blood sugar levels.

This compound also helps delay gastric emptying and slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream. The result? It lowers your insulin level and blood glucose, which are also significant if you are on a weight loss program.

5:2 Fast Formula ingredientsAs aforementioned earlier, the 5:2 Fast Formula can effectively replenish your lost minerals and vitamins from your dieting endeavors. Don’t worry about getting tired because of lost energy as 5:2 Fast Formula contains copper, iron and essential B vitamins to back you up!

All these compounds are known to help enhance your energy while helping to burn more fat. So if you are on a 5:2 diet or any fasting regimen, taking 5:2 Fast Formula will help give you that needed energy to prevent any weakening or lethargy feeling during and after your dieting program.

In short, 5:2 Fast Formula will make your dieting program much easier, safe and hunger free!

5:2 Fast Formula Drawbacks

5:2 Fast Formula is relatively new product that hit the market recently. As of this writing, this brand doesn’t have any known side effects or official complaints online.

Based on my research, konjac extracts are proven soluble fiber compounds that can truly help suppress your appetite. Aside from that, it also offers many other health benefits. So this ingredient is a sure bonus for you.

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Other reported ingredients are positively unremarkable. Copper, iron and B vitamins are all essential to health so there are nothing bad to say here. There are also no caffeine or stimulants in 5:2 Fast Formula.

With regards to its official site, there is a contact page, terms and conditions page and an email support ticket feature.

However, there is no physical address specified. The testimonials appears to come from independent reviews which was claimed by the manufacturer to be verified users. The company name is also not specified but it is likely to be similar with the products brand name – 5:2 Fast Formula.

Is 5:2 Fast Formula for You?

This brand is ideally formulated to those people who are overweight and obese, which are currently under the 5:2 diet or any fasting program.

In my opinion, this diet pill can also be taken by people who are not currently on any dieting program but wanted to lose weight. Although the possibility of success for taking it without dieting is not yet determined.

I just based my opinion from its natural ingredients, which I think are completely safe for anyone who wanted to lose weight.

Review Summary

5:2 Fast Formula is an all-natural appetite suppressant that also offers additional health benefits. To summarize it all, below are the possible benefits of taking 5:2 Fast Formula:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Boosts energy
  • Burns fat
  • Replenish lost energy
  • Lowers blood cholesterol
  • Improves blood and insulin control
  • Detox properties
  • Enhances mental focus

This brand is no longer available in the market. You may want to check out other diet pills in our archive or see our top rated brand featured below this post.


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