Is High Intensity Interval Training for You?

Looking for an effective workout program that can really burn fat and build some serious muscles? If yes, then high intensity interval training might be the perfect course for you.

Known simply as HIIT, this type of exercise regimen is quite a daunting task as it requires strategic, alternating, short periods of “intense” anaerobic exercise, with less recovery periods. Is this is not quite for the beginners.

So before you jump into HIIT, it is important that you are aware of the different benefits or advantages of this type of workout program first.

So if you are new to high intensity interval training, then I suggest that you read this article first before doing any type of HIIT.

What is High Intensity Interval Training?

According to WikiPedia, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) (sometimes called sprint interval training or SIT), is a form of “interval” training, which follows an exercise system alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods.

So basically from that definition, HIIT is a cardiovascular exercise that is just enhanced in various routines to produce much visible and significant fitness results.

High intensity interval training sessions lasts differently depending on the workout you like to perform. But usual sessions may vary from four to thirty minutes.

HIIT is a proven method in elevating physical performance, muscle growth, endurance, stamina, weight loss, glucose metabolism, and improves your overall condition.

Some experts even suggest that high intensity interval training can help treat various health conditions such as hyperlipidemia, muscle or bone mass disorders and of course, obesity (as seen in most weight loss reality shows).

One thing is required however if you like to benefit from HIIT – motivation!

Yes, an athlete can be successful with HIIT if he/she has an extremely high levels of motivation and spirit. The more motivated you are, the more you can excel with high intensity interval training.

Types of High Intensity Interval Traninig

High intensity interval training is composed mainly of various exercise techniques, which is composed generally of warm up sessions, repetitions of several high intensity workouts separated by medium intensity exercises, then a cool down period.

The origin of HIIT varies on its creators and most of the types are actually named after these exercise gurus. Such HIIT types include the following:

  • Peter Coe regimen
  • Tabata regimen
  • Gibala regimen
  • Zuniga regimen
  • Timmons regimen

All of these regimens are practiced by elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the globe, especially the Tabata regimen.

So before you apply any one of these regimens into your fitness program, you first need to learn the health benefits or advantages of undergoing intense exercise program.

This way, you will have an in-depth knowledge about the exercise and see if HIIT is ideal for your fitness needs.

Advantages and Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

high intensity interval training shoes

No Extra Gadgets or Equipment Required

High intensity interval training requires no extra gadgets or workout tools to get it done. Running, cycling, jump roping and even rowing are all great workouts for HIIT, though you can do more than just common exercises.

HIIT includes high knees, fast feet or anything plyometrics or calisthenics (the more advanced and more technical form of exercise without using any equipment).

On the contrary, tools such as dumbbells can even make high intensity interval workouts less effective because you are targeting your biceps and arms, not your cardiovascular health.

The only tools that you need here are workout drinks or your fitness watch, which are basically essential in most workout routines.

Good for Your Heart

As aforementioned above, high intensity interval training is focused on significantly improving your cardiovascular health. Yes, HIIT is designed specifically for your heart, though it still has plenty of health benefits to offer.

Like most exercise regimens, HIIT is a perfect program for cardiovascular fitness.  High intensity interval training is proven to be more effective than moderate-intensity continuous training at enhancing blood vessel function and markers of blood vessel health.

Plus, HIIT can also help prevent cardiovascular disease. Most research on HIIT’s association with coronary artery disease found that HIIT delivers greater improvements in VO2 max, and increase reductions in body weight.

Significant Weight Loss

Speaking of weight loss, high intensity interval training can trigger significant amounts of weight loss if done correctly and in regular basis.

Not only can HIIT help reduce heart rate and cardiovascular disease probabilities, it can also fight metabolic disorders such as obesity, high blood pressure or metabolic syndrome.

A HIIT session can help burn more calories than an hour of weight lifting as HIIT is focused more on your whole body. So the more intense your workout, the more you put your body to hyperdrive fat burning process due to an increase in metabolism.

Plus, undergoing regular high intensity interval training promotes more muscle growth and less body fat. Unlike other cardio exercises, HIIT is not prone to muscle loss especially if you are also under weight training or taking a fat burning supplement.

So if you are a dieter, try to incorporate HIIT and your hard-earned muscles will be fine.

weight loss HIIT

HIIT Can be Performed Anytime and Anywhere

High intensity interval training is an efficient workout that is ideal for individuals who don’t have much time for exercise.

HIIT can be performed anywhere and anytime, that is convenient for you. You can do it while taking a 15-minute lunch break or you can do it in a park with your dog.

So you don’t need to have a big plan just to do interval training.


High intensity interval training is truly a challenging workout program and is not quite ideal for workout starters and beginners.

Though quite a challenging exercise regimen, HIIT can deliver massive health and fitness benefits for you. Plus, this exercise program is super efficient and you don’t need specialize equipment to perform any types of HIIT.

Get your HIIT course today at your local fitness gym near you and see high probability of weight loss success!


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