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BRI Nutrition Fucoxanthin claims that it can support your weight loss program by improving your body’s metabolic rate.

But like most fucoxanthin-based supplements, Fucoxanthin seems a very doubtful slimming formula.

With bad reviews lurking online, we found several factors why this product is unlikely going to help your weight loss program any good. Read on to find out more.

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What is Fucoxanthin?

As mentioned above, Fucoxanthin is from BRI Nutrition which is a supplement manufacturer based in Delaware, United States.

Below are some of its health benefit claims:

  • Increases metabolism
  • Support adrenal health
  • Supports a healthy nervous system
  • Powerful adaptogenic properties

Fucoxanthin claims that its trifecta formula can help improve key areas of your health, especially with regards to weight loss.

Like other diet pills such as IdealLean, HerbTheory, or INSupport, Fucoxanthin also feature more supporting ingredient than just focusing on seaweed extract.

This product is much more affordable compared to other expensive pills – $13.19 per bottle (Amazon price).

BRI Nutrition offers 30 day return for all unopened bottles, though we can’t confirm if they offer a money-back guarantee if this pill failed to deliver.

Fucoxanthin Ingredients

The main ingredient of this diet pill is brown seaweed called fucoxanthin (5mg per serving). Other ingredients include green tea, hoodia gordonii, pomegranate and caffeine.

Inactive ingredients are stearic acid, gelatin, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.

Fucoxanthin ingredients

So Can Fucoxanthin Help You Lose Weight?

I will get to that point, this diet pill will NEVER going to help you lose weight!

First reason is its poor dosage which only amounts to 288mg per serving (5mg of fucoxanthin). Second reason is the vast number of negative reviews that I found online.

Some of the most helpful reviews are found on Amazon:

This done nothing fo is to give me energy. I waited for BETTER results. But I seem more tired lately than usually. IM VERY disappointed!!! I GOTTA SEARCH FOR SOMTHG STRONGER AND BETTER.

Very disappointed in this product.. After reading the reviews I had my hopes up that this would work well. It didn’t. Although there were no side effects thankfully, I took it every day and saw ZERO results. And yes, I had eaten properly and watching my food intake. So sad ;(

Imagine drinking coffee in the morning like 95% of people in America. And then taking 2 caffeine pills. And then drinking another cup of coffee. That’s how taking this supplement feels. I took it for 2 weeks before I couldn’t bear it anymore. My jaw and teeth would tense up and I felt so jittery. Why the F (insert captain Stewart meme) would they include caffeine in this pill?! Avoid BRI. Most of these people leaving reviews got this product for free and probably threw it away anyway.

To my disappointment after taking 2 pills a day for 30 days, this product didn’t work for me! No change in appetite and zero weight loss!

How about its Formula?

Focused on its brown seaweed content, Fucoxanthin aims to aid your overall weight loss by giving you natural and known slimming ingredient.

Brown seaweed’s primary active compound is fucoxanthin (where this pill’s name comes from). Brown seaweed are edible algae used for various health conditions.

This include high cholesterol, arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia, heart diseases and of course, obesity.

According to NCBI, fucoxanthin does have promising health benefits including positive weight loss results done in mice studies.

Fucoxanthin also contain some of the most popular slimming agents – caffeine, hoodia gordonii, green tea and pomegranate extract.

Hoodia gordonii may help suppress appetite while both green tea and caffeine are known fat burners. Pomegranate however, is not yet completely studied with regards to its slimming effects.

Though it has caffeine and green tea, this diet pill is still not plausible for weight loss as it only give 283mg per serving, which is way too small compared to formulas other diet pills have.

So Fucoxanthin is unlikely to trigger any slimming effects.

Fucoxanthin diet pill

How about Safety?

As mentioned above, Fucoxanthin does trigger minor side effects such as jitters which is probably due to its caffeine content.

So to ensure that you get a safe supplementation, ask your doctor first before you take this pill.


According to its label, you can take one to two capsules in the morning and one to two capsules in the late afternoon with 8oz of water.

Do not exceed four capsules per day.

Fucoxanthin Review Summary

This diet pill is not as potent as advertised and is widely criticized online for its inefficacy and some side effects.

I rate this product as “NOT RECOMMENDED” due to the following reasons:


  • Natural formula
  • Affordable brand
  • 30-days return policy


  • Limited information
  • Inefficacy reports
  • Side effect reports
  • No ingredient amounts
  • Can only be purchased online

Where to Purchase Fucoxanthin?

If you are a previous user of Fucoxanthin or if you just want to try it out, then you can try looking for this brand online via third party supplement shops.

Otherwise, we recommend that you check out one of our top-rated phen brand here – Phen375.

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