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FTC Disclaimer

As required by law, we have to clear our relationship with the companies listed on this site. Take note however, that we are not associated with any of the companies found in this site.

We receive free samples and promotions from some products that we review here, but we never get paid to do any type of review.

We provide links to products or adverts where we are paid commission from any sales. We also don’t accept reviews from third parties or consumers but we instead write all the reviews in this site. We have no control over their compensation or views.

The product claims are made by the manufacturers and not by us, we have no control about product claims.

Additionally, WE DO NOT REPRESENT ANY OF THE COMPANIES listed here. If you have any issues/problem with their product, please contact the manufacturer directly.

Affiliate Disclosure

This website is a review site for the most popular but effective and safe dieting supplements in the market today. We feature exclusive products and/or services for our readers. These products have its own ratings based on editor’s choice, customers and consumers. All these products are decently priced at market value, but you have no obligation to purchase any products you may find in this site.

These products are called affiliate products in which we are an exclusive member known as an affiliate. The affiliate codes can be found inside blog posts, review pages, along the sidebar or footer and at the homepage. We don’t use any contextual based ad networks (commonly known as pay-per-click ads), which means that we don’t get any revenue from any clicks or views from these affiliate products.

However, we can earn partial affiliate commissions if you do any actions such as a purchase or referral from these affiliate products. Please take note though that the prices of these products/services will always be the same with or without any purchases. Buying any products or services through our affiliate ads doesn’t make the products/services more expensive just to be able to produce commissions. This is the natural business system of all “affiliate marketing” networks.

This affiliate disclosure is similar to other affiliate networks online. We intend to be as transparent as possible to you with regards to affiliate marketing structure. With regards to that, we can maintain our honesty and integrity intact while maintaining our commitment to serve you at the highest possible level.

We currently use four affiliate networks at the moment and we intend to add more in the coming months. Make sure to check out this page for any updates.


MoreNiche is one of the most organized and respected affiliate networks today. Initially based in the UK, now they have satellite offices in the US. It offers different range of products such as health, hair loss, skin solutions, sexual health, beauty and weight loss products that are all clinically proven effective and safe.

For more information on this network, please visit Consumer Education Portal.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is the premier market place for affiliate products and we highly utilizes it in this site. Our Amazon reviews are concise and simple to give you the best Amazon products for your weight loss needs. Below is my Amazon Disclosure statement:

“Noah Mark Rodolfo is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com products.”

For more information, please visit Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement.


ShareASale is one of the most trusted affiliate network today that caters a wide range of products. We highly utilize health and weight loss merchants that are currently offered by ShareASale. These merchants are reviewed independently to give you an honest opinion/information about a particular product.

Please read ShareASale affiliate agreement for more details.


MarketHealth is another affiliate program that promotes the world’s leading health and beauty products. Their commission offer is considered to be the highest in the industry and their merchants converts well. Our reviews of their weight loss products are all transparent, ethical and dependable.

For more information, please visit MarketHealth marketing policy.

Privacy Policy

Each user of this site is entitled to its privacy. We ensure that each of you will have accurate ideas about personal information we collect/receive during your visit at populardietpills.net. This policy will also inform you on how we keep this data for your own security and protection. This sharing of data is a natural thing in the Internet world and we intend to be as transparent as possible in respect for your privacy.

We are doing our best to maintain a good relationship standing to you, giving all your fitness requirements as much as possible. To protect you from your surfing privacy, please read the following information.

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We can add more cookies on your browser to be able to identify you as a unique user each time you visit our site. This helps you to see different content in a sequential process, which can improve your surfing experience within our website. The adverts we use are previously discussed above under “Affiliate Disclosure”, where these cookies are being collected by our advertising networks for tracking.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

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Disclosure Policy

PopularDietPills.net is designed to give you accurate information with regards to diet pill reviews. The testimonials are genuine and all content are based on clinical trials from the product’s corresponding manufacturer. However, these contents are not evaluated by medical authority and are solely for educational purposes only.

To prevent any inconveniences to you, please consult your physician first before you purchase products or services that are offered in this site. It is also worth noting that all contents here are not intended for disease prevention, treatment or diagnosis.

Please be reminded that we are not liable for any loss or health damage that may occur through the use of any products or services you found through this website or any of our affiliated websites. We don’t usually give any specific recommendations that will effectively suit your weight loss needs. We suggest that you consider many factors first that will help avoid these products adverse effects on your health.

Also, there will be no advertiser or article contributors that are allowed to influence the content of this website. You may also see some credible links that have no direct affiliation with me and just for the sole purpose of giving information. Other adverts may obtained through proper compensation that are common within the Internet business industry or it could derive directly from our personal experiences.

Terms of Agreement

By accessing any content of this website, you agree that all information herein are not intended to be the final word or conclusively fact on any topic. You should not rely solely on any given information, numbers, prices, or otherwise as they are subject to change or clarification in any given time.

All information herein are true, which are in accordance to the author’s best knowledge. In the event that an information you found here is false or misleading, you agree not to hold the populardietpills.net, its owners, authors or contributors liable for any kind of damages whatsoever.

Any actions you do within this website is in direct acceptance of our official terms of agreement as a whole. Otherwise, you are completely free not to use any services, product or content we offer in this website.


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I, N.M. Rodolfo, owner of populardietpills.net is in business as an affiliate marketeer and recommend products on this website for which I earn a commission.

I hope this disclosure will demonstrate my intent to run an honest and reputable business.

Please visit consumer education portal for more info.